Frequently Asked Questions
Am I locked into my membership?

No, You can cancel at anytime without penalty.
Can I really get my money back?

Absolutely! We want happy customers. We never want you to feel ripped off or taken advantage of. In fact we want to over deliver and give you more than you were expecting that is our goal.
How do I know this will work for me?

You don't.

That's why we make it easy for you to join and try it all out.

When you join up, you immediately get access to all the worksheets, all the video training, all the bonuses, and all the past meetings, everything we can jam in to the members area. That is the first thing you get to check out.

You also get instant access to your coach and can set up a call or email him directly.

You can attend a couple of meeting to see what it is all about.

If after trying it all you find that it is not for you simply ask for your money back, and I will be happy to refund every penny. I want you to have nothing to lose.

If you are our type of people you will quickly figure out this is for you and that you will get huge upside from the system, the coach and the other members of the group.
I am not tech savy, will I still be able to join the meetings?

Yes, you can join using the telephone, and we have selected the easiest and most effective solution. Very few people have had a challenge with the system we use. We are always available to help, and logged in advance of the meetings to you can double check your setup.
Where already into the year, I didn't join in January - will it work for me?

Yes, we integrate new members into the group all the time. There is no better time to work on your goals than the present. The one on one coaching is also there to help people make the most of the tools and make progress as quickly as they want to.
Do I have to attend all the meetings?

No, you don't. All the meetings are recorded so you can listen to the discussion afterwards, and download the goal setting worksheets from the members area.
What happens if I can't attend a meeting?

All the meetings are recorded and posted in the members area the next day
so you can review on your own time, and download the goal setting worksheets from the members area.
Do I get to participate and ask questions in the meetings?

Absolutely! The whole idea to share your personal goals and create a co-operative environment for sharing knowledge and experiences. The technology is a online video conference with screen share capability so everyone can see hear and talk with one another.
Why do you have the meetings? What's the purpose?

There are several reasons:

One is the energy and excitement you get from sharing and hearing what others are up to. "It is very Invigorating", said a recent participant.

The other is the accountability to the group creates additional motivation to take action and get things done.

The third reason is a professional coach to help you with your goals, and lead the group sessions.

The system is designed to provide the Five Pillars for Transformation:
1. Great plan and preparation.
2. Professional accountability.
3. Social Support.
4. The right incentives.
5. Deadlines.
How do I get to ask questions or get coaching?

There are several ways. Members can make an appointment for one on one coaching. You can email in questions, or you can post questions in the members area for other members to see on a discussion board.
How do meetings work? What happens in the meetings?

Meetings start with a round of introductions for new members. Each person gets a few minutes to discuss their progress on their goals and get feedback from the group. Some meetings are a review of a particular tool and how people are making use of it, or could be getting more out of it. Others are for introducing new tools and topics to expand our goal setting horizons.

Each meeting we want each individual to get the support required for the Five Pillars for Transformation so they can quickly attain their goals.
What types of Goals do you work on?

We set goals in all areas of our lives - Physical body, Time, Finances, Relationships, Work or Career, Emotion and Celebration, and Mission or Meaning or Contribution; however you define it.

We set goals of various lengths: daily, monthly, yearly, and longer term up to ten years out. Our long term goal setting tool really lets people control the direction their life is headed in.
What age does this work for?

People of any age can benefit from setting goals. Typically it works best for those people driven to improve their life and the lives of those around them.

We have helped highly driven and motivated young people (late teens to early twenties) and up to retired people in their seventies that are still pushing their boundaries.
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