What is a Goal Group? And, How does it work?
Our Goal Setting Groups are a specialized type of Mastermind Group.
If you are not familiar with the concept of a Mastermind it was introduced to the world by Napoleon Hill in his book "Think & Grow Rich".

Mastermind groups are a growing business phenomenon used for problem-solving, inspiration and motivation. They are built on the foundation of trust, confidentiality and harmony.
See, hear, and interact with your fellow Goal Setters
using a simple and easy to use video conferencing software
right from the comfort of your home or office,
no matter where you are in the world.
Mastermind groups share the basic philosophy that more can be accomplished in less time by working together. Comprised of individuals who meet in an open, supportive environment on a regular basis, the mastermind group's sole purpose is to share thoughts, ideas, opinions and information.
Reviewing Marnie's Goals and Visionboard for 2015.
Due to the group nature, a commitment of time and energy is required.

Group members need to be motivated people who are willing to ask for as well as offer help and support.

Glenn Price-Jones

VP Technology Services at MarginMate Corporation

We all set goals for ourselves, but when I make them mental post-it notes they very quickly become obscured by day-to-day living.  When written, recorded and shared with a goal setting group they become very powerful.  Having the opportunity every 45 days to meet, review and measure progress is the motivation I need to move rapidly towards achieving my goals.
We have regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year.

The meetings keep the focus on where we want to go, review the progress made so far, hold accountable those that are not doing what they said they wanted to do, and celebrate the accomplishments as they are made.

Stephen Semple

Business Development at Quality & Compliance Services Inc.

Being a member of a Goal Evolution Group has helped me stay on track and overcome the obstacles that have been thrown in my way, so that I can maintain my forward momentum.
All Meeting are recorded and placed in the members area, along with all the goal setting worksheets and templates, video instruction, discussions, bonuses, etc.
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