Goal Setting Worksheet - Starter Kit

In this short video I give you a quick overview of the starter kit and
what you will get out of completing it. Most importantly I will explain why it is so important to start here when goal setting.

Which area of my life should I set goals in first?
The Thing That Changed My Life

"Great video that underlines how peer-group settings are an essential
process to help you realize your goals. It also explained to me why self-help books by themselves are merely shelf-ware until you put this against feedback and input from others... ultimately making this information your own. Thanks to Gary for sharing such an intimate part of his life." Norman Schneider

Why Five Big One Year Goals?
Setting Five Big One Year Goals

A quick overview of the Five 1 Year Gaols kit and what you will get out of completing it. You will quickly see this is the most complete and useful goal setting template on the planet.

Creating Massive Action

What you can expect from the Massive Action Strategizer goal setting
kit. Why it can help you overcome any challenge thrown in your way as you persue your goals.

Vision Boarding Your Goals

See actual vision boards and find out how we integrated vision boarding and our goal setting system.

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